Update on Discontinuation of Estradiol Valerate (Progynon Depot)


There are many injectables claiming to be exact replacement / alternative to Progynon Depot are being rumoured everywhere. Please be safe from these false claims. The product which is said to be progynon depot is not exactly progynon depot. It a copy of it with same packaging, labelling  and ampoule size. There are no test reports and necessary approval which are required by a manufacturer as well as the authorities.  For this product available in the market there are no such necessary approvals are present there in the market as well as the documents. Which makes it more like a counterfeit and look alike. Always buy genuine medicines from renowned pharmacies, buying from sketchy pharmacies can be dangerous for your life.

As you know that Estradiol Valerate (Injectables) is discontinued. One of major brand Progynon Depot’s manufacturer Cadila and Bayer stopped its manufacturing in late 2016. In late December 2017 we sold our ampule of Progynon Depot through our website now Since then many of our customers are asking about its status.

As we deal directly with the company, it said that the product will not come. So we are now actively finding best alternative for it. There are quite few but we doubt their credibility, therefore we recommend for the time being ask your doctor about oral medication.

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If you want to know the status about it kindly submit a request with the subject “Status of Progynon Depot” to our Email address: [email protected] , we will get in touch with you once we have found the suitable alternative.

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