About our pharmacy .

We at VaccimedPharmacy, we assure our customers 100% satisfaction. We work hard 24×7, 365 days for our customers. We have previously served you as FairValuePharmacy.com we are happy to be back.

Who are we?

We are Vaccimed Pharmacy, serving you as FairValuePharmacy.com. Having expertise in the business and serving you for last 7 years.

How can I trust you guys?

VaccimedPharmacy.com is one of the oldest online pharmacy established in the year 2011, for last 7 years we served our customers as FairValuePharmacy.com till March 4 2018. We revamped our website came up back as VaccimedPharmacy.com

I have less knowledge about you guys

VaccimedPharmacy, we have been serving you for more than 7 years as of now. We are being one of the most trusted online pharmacy served you earlier as FairValuePharmacy.com

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How to contact you guys

We have provided all the Hotline Contact details. You can contact us through iMessage , WhatsApp, Hangout.  Checkout the link below to raise a customer support ticket and know more.

Contact Us

How Vaccimed Pharmacy works?

Vaccimed Pharmacy operates 24×7, 365 days a year.

What are our timings

We are open 24×7 days a week, 365 days a year. For the betterment of our customers, we have provided contact details, a dedicated hotline number that is +91-9717731148. Anyone can reach us via iMessage, WhatsApp, Hangout.

Shipping Query

All our orders are usually shipped next working day. If you have ordered us on Friday or weekend? it will be dispatched by Monday Morning.

Shipping Pricing

For Regular Air-Mail which reaches the customer within 10 days costs $20.

For EMS Shipping which starts reaching our customers within next 6 days of shipping, it costs $31.00. When our order is dispatched, that particular moment, the shipping details are sent to our customers.

Shipping Information

Our Shipping Team is dedicated to contact our customers to know whether they have received their Order or not. We regularly check whether the delivery has taken place or not.

Sometimes you don’t know that delivery man reached your delivery address and you weren’t there to collect it. Our team will contact you about this situation also they will help and tell you what all is required to get your package.

Delivery happened unable to collect?

If delivery has happened for any reason you were unable to collect it, please check for the slip that is left by the delivery agent, visit the address mentioned with the slip as well as a valid ID to collect it.

Legitimacy of product purchased

All our Medications comes with the Original Instructions manual and outer packaging which contains the Lot Number or Batch Number, Expiry Date that can be checked with the manufacturer. All our Generics come with original packaging; However, most of the Generics from India come only. You shouldn’t worry about legitimacy as we directly have contacts with the manufacturer. Be sure be safe buy Prescription Medicines and Drugs with VaccimedPharmacy.com with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.